96 Asterisks


96 Asterisks

Why 96? it rhymes with Asterisk.

The idea for this project was to compare different fonts’ asterisk symbols. Sometimes the differences in characters between various fonts are minimal, almost hard to spot. Other times, the differences stand out like a sore thumb, glaring back at you.

Focussing on just one character lets us focus on the details.

So, what I did was, I gathered 96 fonts, turned them on in Suitcase Fusion. I opened InDesign and vectorized an Asterix character from each of those typefaces.

I saved .SVG versions of each asterisk.

I then threw those 96 asterisks into my Processing random thingie/art generator.
Things I let the generator play with:

- colour palette
- opacity
- stroke (yes/no)
- stroke (thickness/ thinness)
- rotation
- placement

I think that’s it.

I saved .PDF files of the results.


Wendy LP Std Medium
Voluta Script Pro
Tekton Pro - Bold Oblique
Tekton Pro - Condensed
Spring LP Std
Snell Roundhand LT Std Black Script
Mistral Std Roman
Silentium Pro Roman I
Script MT Std Bold
Sho LT Std Roman
Sassafras Std Roman
Sanvito Pro Bold
Reporter LT Std 2
Ruzicka Freehand LT Std Roman
Rusticana LT Std Roman
Kuenstler Script LT Std Black
Legault Std - Regular
Bickham Script Std Semibold
Klang MT Std
Kaufmann Std Roman
Poetica Std
Herculanum LT Std Roman
Galahad Std
MercuryTextG1 - SemiboldItalic
Grafolita_Scrip - Medium
BossaNova MVB Std
Flood Std
Neo Sans W1G - Light
Arcana GMM Std Manuscript
Florens LP Std
Greymantle MVB Std
Brush Script Std Medium
Present LT Std Roman
Bruno JB Std