Canadian Coast Guard Outdoor Exhibit


Huge Images | Retouching |

The NCC and the Canadian Coast celebrate 50 years.

The NCC and the Canadian Coast Guard unveiled their outdoor exhibit celebrating 50 years of the service.

I was responsable for ensuring the images were ready for the large format and high quality format required. Many of the originals were 35mm transparencies as well as negatives and archived prints. There was plenty of ‘standard retouching to remove dust. I also applied my custom ‘large format’ magic dust to all of the images.

I also had to ensure the Canadian Coast Guard red correct as well as pulling back many age created colours shifts in the originals.

This was a super fun project that adds 27 more huge prints I couldn’t afford to my résumé.

Note: in one of the images below, there is a current Coast Guard member pictured next to an image of his grand father. Just one of the those cool photo ops of a generation.