Huge Images


Huge Images

Exhibit Sized Big!

A Little Introduction

I have worked for or with several of Canada’s national museums over my 25 year career. I trained as a photographer and specialized in large format images. I like my images large!

I was the lead image production artist for the permanent exhibit of the Canadian War Museum when it opened. My duties were to process, enlarge and track the final high resolution/large format images for the walls and panels throughout the museum.

Over the past 20 years I’ve been perfecting my enlargement techniques.

I often have the opportunity to work with old images, of dubious quality. Early wartime image are often soft with regards to focus and very small in size (due to early scanning practices). Sometimes, the images originate on glass negatives. These images were not captured with today’s printing technologies in mind.

A Soft touch

When dealing with archival and historic images, it is important to maintain the feeling these images evoke. Scratches and blemishes are often desired and help to place the image in historical context.

However, sometimes, these blemishes (qualities) are no so pretty when presented at large scales. My workflow and techniques allow the images to maintain their intended feeling while also allowing them to meet the file requirements of today’s printing techniques.  (These techniques can be applied to smaller images too, I just like showing BIG samples)

These are not your average sized prints!

Navy Panel
Desert Warfare Panel
Kids and Wagon
UN Section
Canadian Coast Guard Outdoor Exhibit
Fatal Attraction - Canadian Museum of Nature
Neighbourhood In Glass
Construction Hoarding
CWM - Cyprus 35mm to Wall Size
Software Packaging
Passchendaele Panorama
War Museum Permanent Exhibit