96 Asterisks


96 Asterisks

Why 96? it rhymes with Asterisk.

The idea for this project was to compare different fonts’ asterisk symbols. Sometimes the differences in characters between various fonts are minimal, almost hard to spot. Other times, the differences stand out like a sore thumb, glaring back at you.

Focussing on just one character lets us focus on the details.

So, what I did was, I gathered 96 fonts, turned them on in Suitcase Fusion. I opened InDesign and vectorized an Asterix character from each of those typefaces.

I saved .SVG versions of each asterisk.

I then threw those 96 asterisks into my Processing random thingie/art generator.
Things I let the generator play with:

- colour palette
- opacity
- stroke (yes/no)
- stroke (thickness/ thinness)
- rotation
- placement

I think that’s it.

I saved .PDF files of the results.



Memphis LT Std
Death Star
Nuptial Script LT Std Medium
Palace Script MT Std
Mezz Std Bold
Pepita MT Std
Zipty Do Std
Briem Akademi Std Bold
Othello MT Std
Prohibition - Regular
Caflisch Script Pro Light
Matura MT Std
ITC Isadora Std
Shelley Script LT Std
Frutiger LT Std - 55 Roman
Park Avenue Std Medium
Freestyle Script Std Medium
MercuryTextG1 - Roman
Marker Felt - Thin
Medici Script LT Std Medium
Antique Olive Std Black
Ashley Script MT Std
Dorchester Script MT Std
Regina Black - Solid
ITC Flora Std Medium
Regina Black - Hilite
Delphin LT Std 2
Fira Sans-Regular
Forte MT Std
Dom Casual Std Medium
59_ITC Zapf Chancery Std Light Italic
Graphite_Std - Wide
NewBerolina MT Std
Kigali Std Roman
Champion HTF Welterweight
Memphis Extra Bold