It used to be a crazy endeavour just to take a panorama photo.

It involved hours of setup (camera) then careful exposure of at least 12 images (the more the smoother the final result) / but too many and it was way too much work.

These days, taking the shots is super easy. While the results are not always great and it was easier to achieve a higher quality back in the day if you had a good workflow, but the tradeoff of time probably didn’t warrant how much better the results were when you consider how most of these were used back then.

I love all the glitches and mistakes that happen with the current way of producing these images.
I also really enjoy taking diagonal and vertical versions instead of horizontal. Below are some examples…

Airplane on a Truck
Kayaking in the park
Walking Past the Camera 4
Walking Past the Camera 4
Walking Past the Camera 3
Walking Past me
Magic Forest
Beach Ghost
DQ after the Game
Cabin at the top of the mountain
Savannah Wooden Walkway
Savannah Walking Tour
Hotel on the Beach