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Long before IBM™ bought Cognos. I got to work on some software box packaging.

Yes I said ‘box’ packaging. Back before 2000, we bought software mostly at stores right? This was a very exciting project. It took a week with several all nighters to complete. We did all the photography in-studio. I was an assistant photographer at the time. All of the vehicles are models. The skies were shot around the Ottawa valley, the cityscape, satellite and earth space horizon are a stock shots. Anyways, the ocean is actually a 4x4 foot shallow pool we built in the studio shot with a 4x5 camera. The moonscape was created with about 10 bags of very expensive, high quality cement and shot with the same 4x5. We scanned the film using our awesome at the time Agfa Duoscan Solo Flatbed Scanner After my assistant duties were done, I went to work on putting all the bits together for the 6 boxes we were creating. Under the direction of photographers and the design firm we were commissioned to create several scenes. Photoshop back then had just gotten Layers and I was just discovering their awesome powers. I know these are really old, but I'm really happy with the results and am quite proud of the learning experience and growth this assignment provided me. I have not yet found High Resolution versions in my archives. I hope to and I will post some layer samples. {title} {title} {title} {title} {title} {title}