Passchendaele Panorama


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Part of the War Museum of Canada Permanent Exhibit.


This thing is great. The original working file was 9Gb (yes that is a ‘g’) It was CMYK for most of the work, which was too bad because it was taking about 15 minutes to open and save the file. Eventually, we decided to go with a tritone which brought the file size down considerably.

Another challenge was the varying quality of the images we used to built up this collage. Yes, that’s right, this landscape never existed. It is a combination of 13 different images as well as several elements (such as duckboards) from a few other images.

This thing is 60ft wide! I love it. The lighting is all dark and when you are in the space you are walking on duckboards through a simulated battlefield. It is quite moving. This is definitely a highlight of my imaging career. There is no way I could ever afford the 15k+ price tag for the inkjet print of this sucker.  Nor do I have the space to hang it.