I take a lot of photos.

In college, I took commercial photography. I was in the last class that learned the *zone system* and full-stack darkroom techniques. We were also the first class to learn digital techniques and digital printing.

Working in the darkroom (both colour and b/w) I learned a lot about image manipulation, exposure and light techniques. I really miss darkrooms.

Here is a selection of my photography.

Under the ice
Spring Thaw Time
Springtime thaw
Spring 2015
Spring Thaw 3
Spring Thaw 2
Spring Thaw 1
Almost Free 6
Almost Free 5
Almost Free 4
Almost Free 3
Almost Free 3
Almost Free 2
Almost Free 1
Walking Past the Camera 4
Walking Past the Camera 4
Walking Past the Camera 3
Walking Past me
Magic Forest
Beach Ghost
DQ after the Game
Cabin at the top of the mountain
Savannah Wooden Walkway
Savannah Walking Tour
Hotel on the Beach
Coopers Hawk
Computer III
Computer 2
Light on Me
SIx O Eight
Dragon the Fly
Dragon Flyer
Dragon Fly